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About our Manufacturing Process

All of our rings and earrings are handcrafted by the finest jewlers in New York. When you purchase diamond jewelry from us, we fit its dimensions to your stones (and if it's a ring, your finger). Nothing is mass produced on an assembly line in some distant country.

This kind of process means that we can manufacture almost anything. Your imagination (and unfortunately, materials science) is the limit. If nothing in our catalog appeals to you, let us know what you want and we'll work with you on designing what you're looking for. Even if you don't yet know exactly what you want, our team of designers and generations of experience can give you guidance.

Since our jewelry isn't mass produced on the other side of the world, we carefully inspect each item before it gets shipped out. If anything is wrong, from a scratch on the finish to a flake of rust stuck behind a side stone (true story!), it gets rejected. If a ring needs to be melted down to be fixed properly, we bite the bullet and do it. It makes no sense to ship a defective product, only to have to pay for round-trip shipping and administrative costs later.

Confidence in our ability to do it right the first time means that we can offer an unbeatable lifetime warranty on all of our settings. In addition to covering defects (which are very unlikely), we also cover accidental damage. This includes (but is not limited to) damaged prongs, missing side stones, and surface scratches. We even pay for insured shipping within the United States!

We will provide FREE SHIPPING both ways in the United States.
*Please consult with us before having any work done to your jewelry by an outside jeweler, as some repairs may void your warranty.