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A modified brilliant heart shaped diamond is the ultimate symbol of love. Symmetry is one of the most important aspects when choosing a heart-shaped diamond, as it is critical to have two identical halves. The two wings should be slightly rounded, and the center cleft should be distinct and sharp.

It is best not to choose a heart shaped diamond that is less than .50 carats because at such a small size, the heart shape is difficult to see. Smaller hearts thrive in either a bezel or three-prong setting (one prong on each lobe, and one at the bottom point). These settings will better preserve the heart shape silhouette.

Length-to-width (L/W) Ratio

Heart shaped diamonds all fall onto a spectrum of silhouettes, ranging from thin to wide. It is up to you to decide your personal preference for silhouette, but the classic heart shaped silhouette is about 1.00. When setting a heart in a pendant, some buyers opt for a narrower cut (1.05 - 1.15). Conversely, hearts for solitaire rings are often slightly wider (.85 - 1.00).

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