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Cut Score

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What is Our Cut Score?

Cut Score is a number based on an advanced mathematical formula created by Enchanted Diamonds that tells you how well a diamond is cut based on our preferences of what makes a diamond beautiful and produces the highest likelihood of exceptional light return.

We recommend using the Cut Score to quickly eliminate lower quality diamonds and to confidently narrow your search to a smaller quantity of diamonds that are more likely to produce higher levels of light return.

We always recommend speaking with one of our experts to help weigh your own set of unique preferences. We also encourage taking advantage of any additional information that may be available for a diamond that may better help you make a confident and educated buying decision. These include but are not limited to ASET, IdealScope, and Hearts & Arrows images.

How is it Calculated?

We factor in a lot of data when calculating Cut Score, and we’re always tinkering to make it better. Some of the factors that determine Cut Score are: depth percentage, table percentage, girdle thickness, and crown height percentage.

What is a Good Cut Score?

Cut Score can range from 0 to 100. Diamonds receiving a Cut Score below 50 will rarely be seen on our site. A Cut Score of 100 represents a stone that is likely to produce ideal light return, brilliance, fire, and sparkle. We rarely recommend considering a diamond with a Cut Score below 70. From 70 to 80 we evaluate case by case depending on the individual client’s needs.

At Enchanted Diamonds, we group diamonds into several categories based on their Cut Score:

Cut Score Category
Above 97 Enchanted
Master Cut
Above 95 Super Ideal
Above 90 Ideal
Above 85 Excellent
Above 80 Very Good
Above 70 Good
Above 60* Poor
Below 60* Bad
*Never Recommended

What Does it Mean if a Diamond Does Not Have a Cut Score?

We can only calculate a Cut Score for diamonds with complete and reliable data. Only GIA certified diamonds are given a Cut Score due to the fact that GIA is the only grading laboratory we trust unconditionally.

Where Can I Learn More About the Cut Score?

We’re happy to discuss many of the factors that contribute to our Cut Score calculation, so feel free to ask our sales people any and all questions.

But we can’t spill the beans completely due to our neurotic fear that one of our competitors will “borrow” this incredible tool.

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