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About Enchanted Diamonds

At Enchanted Diamonds, our mission is to provide the entire world with insider access to New York City's master jewelers without ever having to leave your home. With experience spanning generations, we know exactly what it takes to bypass all the layers of middlemen and pushy salespeople, to give our customers superior craftsmanship at a price they can afford. Now that the Internet allows customers to be more informed than ever, we believe that deceptive sales tactics will soon be a thing of the past, and as such, they have no place in our company. Instead, we stay honest and straightforward with our customers from the beginning. Not only does this approach save time for both of us, but our customers love it.

We purchase our diamonds as close to the source as possible. Our offices are located in New York City, the largest center of diamond and fine jewelry trade in the Western Hemisphere. We also work directly with the legendary gem polishers of Mumbai and Surat, who have been cutting the finest diamonds in the world since the days of Alexander the Great. Not only does this let us keep our prices as low as possible, but we also get access to the highest quality diamonds before they can be picked over by other jewelers.

In addition, every ring we sell is custom-made to your specifications. When you purchase jewelry from us, you're not just buying another mass-produced commodity. You're commissioning a work of art. Do you think the diamond jewelry worn by Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie Kennedy was mass-produced in some far-away factory? Of course not. It was designed and made just for them, often in the same Manhattan neighborhood that our jewelry is made in. We think that everyone in the world should have affordable access to this level of service and craftsmanship too, and we constantly strive to provide it.