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Enchanted Diamonds Guided Diamond Search

Diamond Shape

Classic & most popular. Highest priced.

Square version of round cut. 2nd most popular.

Resembles a pillow & hides inclusions well.

Timeless. Highlights clarity & Art Deco favorite.

Most brilliant of all square & rectangular shapes.

Square version of emerald cut. “Hall of Mirrors” effect.

Similar brilliance and fire to round. Appears larger.

Resembles a teardrop. Shows larger carat weight.

More size per carat. Elongates finger.

A great way to show your love.

Please select at least one shape.

Enchanted Recommendation: Find out what your loved one wants. Since rounds are the most popular shape, they're also the most expensive. While rounds will always be a classic, a fancy shape might be a good alternative if you're hoping to get a little more bang for your buck.

Enchanted Diamonds Guided Diamond Search

Cut Quality

Cut refers to the proportions, angles, and make of a polished diamond. The cut quality will determine the light performance of any diamond shape.

We strongly recommend Excellent.

Please select the quality of the cut.

Enchanted Recommendation: DO NOT sacrifice on cut! It is, by far, the most important of the 4 C's (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat). A well-cut diamond will improve the color and clarity, but it can also help the diamond look bigger. And let's be honest, no one wants a dull, lifeless diamond.

Enchanted Diamonds Guided Diamond Search


Diamond color is all about the color you don’t see. The less color, the higher the value.

Please select a color grade.

Enchanted Recommendation: Unless you are extremely color sensitive, it's difficult to distinguish the differences between each color grade unless comparing diamonds side-by-side. The most noticeable difference is between F and G. For most shapes we recommend D-J, but for emeralds and asschers which show more color, we recommend D-H.

Enchanted Diamonds Guided Diamond Search


Clarity refers to the relative freedom from -- or lack of -- internal and external characteristics under 10x magnification. The less inclusions and blemishes, the higher the value.

Please select the clarity.

Enchanted Recommendation: Clarity is a great place to widen your search to increase value. We don't mean forget it completely, but do you really need a flawless diamond? No one has 10X eyes! Great values exist in the VS1-SI1 range depending on your budget. And if considering SI1 or lower, please consult one of our diamond experts.

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